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  • carbon fiber and aviation aluminum, light and tough.
  • The whole machine is foldable and convenient to transport.
  • Quick released structure. Easy to maintain.
  • Easy to operate, easy to maintain
  • High safety, Double flight controller and gps system ,equipped with parachute that can automatically released, one key emergent return.
  • Automatically hover, 7 level wind resistance.
  • Excellent black box function, automatically record the flight data.
  • The drone can automatically finish the designed airlines.
  • Users can monitor the drone’s battery level ,electric current and voltage from the ground station. It also has low battery alarm.
  • Can load different device to satisfy your different requirements.

DIMENTION Diagonal wheelbase 1280mm
Length of the rotor 18inch(fixed)
Number of the rotor 8
FLYING Empty payload flying time 50 min
Flying Speed 0-15m/s
Safety fly speed 10m/s
Flying Height 3500m
Flight radius 5km
Anti-wind <12m/s
SAFETY CONTROL Safety control Onekey return, out of control return, low battery alarm and data recorder
Security assurance Optional parachute
Multi-control mode Manual stability, autonomous take-off / landing;flying attitude stability /GPS attitude stability
FUNCTION Support Loading equipment Support thermal infrared imaging, 30 time zoom pod, HI-FI video, video transmitter ,etc.
Support the OSD image display data system Support real-time monitor height and distance, GPS star number, flight status real-time display
Real-time display Real-time display flying height, distance ,heading Angle
Monitoring Support the first view monitoring


air drop Quick release arm joint
Interface: TTA standard 9 needles aviation head
Carrying payload:
3KG-15KG (payload is different according to different copter)
Quickly dropping for urgent need such as emergency medicine ,
buoy and so on.

water proof
Infrared Thermal Imaging

Real time displaying the max,mini,and average temperature of the target. Image tracking and alarm.

Using MAVlink communication protocol, can be simply integrated into mapping, patrol, inspection, rescue and emergency system of UAV, and widely used in power, public security, agriculture, chemical, geological and other industries.

Image Description
Slowly Drop Unhook Device

Mainly features:
Carrying goods by hook to designed location , hovering , slowly dropping and unhooking the goods by remote controller.

Applicated in security and logistics for dropping supplies .Can ensure the safety of the goods and people on the ground.

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Visible Light Hd Zoom Pod


Traffic inspection, guidance, evidence

Can be used to detect in the daylight and found suspicious vehicles, shooting number plate from 100 meters high and send the information back to the command center ,the information can be used to track the car.

Can be temporarily set up in the large rally to monitor the whole situation


Specific References