M6E-X Agriculture Spraying Drone

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M6E-X Agricultural Spraying Drone 10 liter

Easier flying, Easier maintenance, BIG package, 6 NOZZLES,

Safe and Easy to Operate, Low Maintenance, BIG package with 6 NOZZLES
Smarter Agriculture requires Smart Technology and Our Intelligent drones form part of a safer and more efficient Farmer.
The TTA Agricultural spraying drone can replace conventional pesticide spray methods with ease, saving 90% water required by conventional spray methods and 30% to 40% reduction in required pesticide. Not only is it 40 times faster than human hand spraying  the small droplet diameter from the high pressure pump and Flowmeter management together with the Ground / Terrain Following Radar - enables the drone to spray more evenly using less chemicals with improved coverage. Operating at a minimum cover rate of 1 Hectare per flight, the M6 intelligence manages tank level, battery level and will return (should either be low) to be filled and then begin operations where it left of, not missing any rows or parts of your crops. 40 Times Faster, allowing for more crops to be sprayed and reduce the risk of workers being in the toxic cloud.
Package Includes (normally optional!)
  • FPV Camera
  • 2 Port charger
  • 2 Smart 14000mAh batteries

Image DescriptionFPV Camera with a Wide-angle lens broadcasting a clear, front-facing live view - ensuring safer and more accurate operations. Automatic double LED lights are enabled when visibility is reduced, also allowing for night operations.

water proofThe entire Drone is water-proof ad carries a rating of IP68. The new structural design places all the electronics inside a well protected pod, ESC's are well placed and are water proof  - the fins allow for heat dissipation. 

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High Efficiency dual pumps regulated with dual flowmeters and 6 spray nozzles improve the work efficiency and penetration. 

Image DescriptionIntelligent battery with a portable push-in design. The battery is designed to store memory of charge and discharge times automatically. Low voltage protection included.

Image DescriptionRemote controller with touch screen displaying all alarms such as low liquid or low battery as well as one key return and one key take off. 

Image DescriptionMotors are well protected by the design of the guards and spray adaptor. 360 degree LED allows for greater visibility and identifying any faults or status within flight. Spray Nozzles are generic agri spray nozzles made in Germany, low cost for replacement or change. * Medium Nozzle fitted standard 180 micron droplet size.

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