Innovative Drone Design

Be part of the commercial drone revolution. Our innovative drone will make agriculture, surveillance, security more efficient.

  • Agriculture Applications

    Spraying, protection, fertilizer, sowing, surveilance, livestock counting, fence and crop management, patrols

  • Survey Applications

    land resource investigation, emergency rescue survey, mining survey, military mapping, construction survey


M4H is our hybrid electro/petrol drone with extended flight time

M4H Hybrid Agri Drone

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  • 1. Latest Technology

    Powered by the latest technology both software and hardware. Drones are a light weight carbon fiber / plastic / aluminum design, rated IP66 with low service, high output motors, providing flight-time between 10min - 5 hours and a payload capacity between 1- 25kg.

  • 2. Smart Software

    All our drones are powered by easy to use smart software which lets the user set missions before hand and the drone will execute them autonomously. From spraying your crop field to flying survey missions, to security mission, our software does it all.

  • 3. Multiple Payloads

    All our drones can be equipped with a large array of payloads that can be customized for your mission. From crop spraying to cameras, and even firefighting. Our drones are extremely flexible. Have an idea that we have not thought of? Let us know and we can customize the drones payload and software to fit your requirements.

  • 4. Solutions

    Our drones have been designed to be used in spraying, seeding / sowing, fertilizing, surveillance, land surveys, mapping, firefighting and power line inspection.

  • Join the Agri Revolution with our Agri Drones

    Our drones help farmers with spraying, sowing and plant protection. Attached with high tech cameras and devices, it can monitoring disease, pest, irrigation and fertilizer condition as well as act as a farm security and patrol drone.

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  • Multi application drones with adjustable payloads

    Customise our drones with a large variety of payloads and use them for security, patrolling, surveying, croud control, emergency services, arial mapping, power line inspection and more.

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